Introducing Bookmarks

Launched on
January 24, 2024

Dive into enhanced personalization and organization in your learning community with our latest feature, Bookmarks. In the busy world of online learning, keeping track of the most valuable content can be challenging. Bookmarks are here to transform the way members interact with your content, allowing them to save and revisit events, learning content, comments, and posts. 

With Bookmarks, you can:

  • Empower members to easily bookmark various items on Disco, including events, content, comments, and posts, streamlining their learning experience.
  • Gain valuable insights with our new in-platform report feature, which shows how members are utilizing bookmarks. This data is crucial for you to understand engagement patterns and tailor your future content and community strategies.
  • Enhance member activity tracking by including bookmarks in the activity score and customizing its weighting in the score, adding an entirely new level of insight into member engagement metrics.

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