Unveiling a New Content Update

Launched on
August 15, 2023

Introducing our latest feature, Content Update, where community members and admins alike can now access, create, and manage content with ease. This new feature expands and improves upon the regular content features and integrates seamlessly with the community platform. This Content Update will make content creation and management a carefree process for you!

Click on the left navigation on your landing page, and you’ll have access to the Library. There, you’ll have all of your content from the community displayed, and you’ll be able to choose to create new content among various types.

With this Content Update, you can:

  • Access the community library with content open to all or tap into the admin-exclusive library, making content curation more efficient.
  • Have flexibility by picking from a number of formats to create content with – whether it's video, text, embeds, and more.
  • For admins, you can easily repurpose content across collections, curriculum, or the community library is now at your fingertips. Plus, updates to reused content will be universal – no more manual changes!
  • Duplicate existing content easily with a click.
  • Customize your content further by creating, editing, or deleting custom labels, ensuring each piece aligns with your branding and preferences.

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