Membership Plan Deletion

Launched on
July 6, 2023

We understand that as time goes on, your needs and requirements for your membership plans may change. This new feature is designed to keep up with your evolving needs and make life easier for you. 

With our latest feature, you have the ability to delete any of your membership plans. This can be done by visiting the Memberships page in your navigation. Once you have deleted a plan, we will provide an automatic transition plan for all your members.

Once the members have been moved to the new plan, we will instantly prorate any price changes. This means that if your members are moving on to a cheaper plan, they will receive a credit for the additional amount paid at the start of their next billing cycle. If your members are moving onto a more expensive plan, there is no prorating required, and there will be no additional charges. Everything will be delayed until the next billing cycle.

Before deleting your membership plan you should communicate any price changes to your members. This will help your members understand why the plan has been deleted, and what their new plan will entail.

With this membership plan update, you can:

  • Delete any membership plan with a transition plan for currently enrolled members
  • Enjoy instant prorating for when users transition to a cheaper plan
  • Have no extra charges when users transition to a more expensive plan

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