Introducing Custom Branding & Learner Progress Reports

Two exciting new features to help you deliver a premium branded experience and keep a pulse on your learner's progress 🎉

In one of our most requested updates to date, we're introducing brand customization and learner progress reporting for admins!

Custom Branding

Take control over your brand's look and feel

We know how important reflecting your premium brand is to attracting new learners and growing your learning empire. That’s why we’re so excited to be introducing a suite of branding features for Organization level plans that make it easy for you to update your look and feel of your learning community.

Here's what you can do with custom branding:

  • Choose between light and dark themes using our Pro plan.
  • Design a custom theme using your primary colors on Organization plans.
  • Add your logo to your website's header and emails.
  • Add a custom favicon!

Learner Progress Reports

Automatically track learner progress

Keeping a pulse on your learning community is key to understanding trends, identifying areas for improvement, at-risk learners, and rewarding high-achievers. Our new learner progress reports put that data at your fingertips, making it easy to monitor learner progress and engagement across your community.

Here's what you can do with learner progress reports:

  • Monitor completion for all curriculum modules, lessons, assignments, and tasks.
  • View daily activities to see how learners are progressing in the curriculum.
  • Track learner attendance for events including:
  • ~Events attended and not attended
  • ~When learners joined the event
  • PLUS: The ability to sort learner progress reports by curriculum completion status, event attendance, learner name, comments, and last active date.
Launched on
June 9, 2022

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