Use Cases of AI-Powered Training Platform for Online Training Providers (2024)

As a training provider, having useful online tools is essential for enhancing training programs. This article examines the different types of training platforms, highlighting an AI-powered platform for compliance training and other training programs, their key features, and the significant benefits they bring to learning organizations.
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What you'll learn in this article:

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As a training provider, having useful online tools is essential for enhancing training programs. This article examines the different types of training platforms, highlighting an AI-powered platform for compliance training and other training programs, their key features, and the significant benefits they bring to learning organizations.

What we will learn together:

  • Online training platforms, particularly Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), and the new one, AI-Powered Training Platform (ATP) are essential for standardizing and personalizing employee training across various locations.
  • Innovative technologies like AI and VR, personalized learning paths, and gamification are emerging trends in AI-powered training platforms for 2024, driving more engaging and effective employee development programs.
  • AI-powered training platforms, like Disco AI, enhance various training needs including live training, content creation, brainstorming, upskilling/reskilling, cohort-based learning, and partner enablement by providing personalized, efficient, and engaging learning experiences.

What are Online Learning Platforms?

Online training platforms serve as the best employee training software to deliver, host, and generate online employee training programs using employee training software, standardize training across various locations, and foster uniformity in skills and knowledge within organizations.

This platform, often referred to as an online learning platform, provides a comprehensive solution for delivering and hosting training programs. Various online learning platforms offer unique features, pricing, and course offerings, making them suitable for different organizational needs.

As an ever-increasing number of leading companies turn to online learning, reliance on these platforms, including online courses, has tripled over the past decade. This trend highlights the need for accessible, efficient, and engaging training solutions in the modern corporate landscape.

There are three main types of online training platforms, including learning management systems:

  1. Learning Management System (LMS): facilitates the hosting and delivery of learning content, tracking learner progress, and managing various learning experiences.
  2. Learning Content Management System (LCMS): combines LMS functionality with content creation, focusing on detailed tracking of online learning experiences.
  3. Learning Experience Platform (LXP): allows learners to discover content themselves, often using AI to adapt learning paths to their needs.
  4. AI-powered Training Platform (ATP): AI-powered training platforms leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized, efficient, and engaging learning experiences that significantly enhance employee development.

The Current Trends in Training Platforms for 2024

As we transition into 2024, numerous burgeoning trends are molding the future landscape of training platforms. The creation and improvement of online learning content are becoming crucial, with platforms like Disco enabling efficient workflows and tracking employee engagement.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), the rise of personalized learning paths, and the gamification of training are all transforming how organizations approach employee development. These trends are driven by the need for more engaging, personalized, and effective learning experiences.

Incorporation of AI and VR

The integration of AI and VR into training platforms is transforming the learning experience, rendering it more immersive and impactful. AR and VR technologies can enhance online learning by providing realistic simulations and interactive environments, making training more effective compared to traditional methods.

On the other hand, training platforms that are powered by AI are revolutionizing the online training space by creating more personalized, efficient, and engaging learning experiences. These platforms use AI to analyze learner data, adapt content to individual needs, and provide real-time feedback, ensuring that training is both relevant and effective.

The integration of AI-driven features such as predictive analytics, automated content creation, and interactive elements like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) enhances the overall learning process, making it more immersive and impactful.

Personalized Learning Paths in a Learning Management System

Organizations intent on upskilling and reskilling their workforce are progressively prioritizing personalized learning paths. With L&D professionals listing upskilling and reskilling as their top focus, platforms like Disco AI and LinkedIn Learning are leveraging machine learning algorithms to adapt content and pace according to individual learner needs.

This approach ensures that employees receive relevant and targeted training that aligns with their career goals and the organization’s objectives.

Such example of personalized learning with an early-stage feature is Disco's group/subgroup feature, where large organizations can seamlessly create mini-communities inside their learning organization to make learning more meaningful, interactive, and dynamic. Here's a short tutorial on how this functionality works in the Disco platform:


The trend of gamification is gaining momentum in online learning, employing game-like elements to render training more engaging and enjoyable. Elements such as rewards, points, badges, and leaderboards can transform employee training into an addictive game, significantly boosting engagement and performance. Studies have shown that a gamified approach can improve a student’s overall performance.

Why AI-Powered Training Platforms?

AI-powered training platforms provide personalized learning paths tailored to individual needs, ensuring relevant and effective training for employees. They enhance efficiency by automating routine tasks, freeing up educators to focus on strategic activities.

These platforms are highly scalable, accommodating the growing needs of organizations without compromising performance. They continuously adapt training content to stay up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring relevance. Additionally, these platforms are cost-effective, reducing the need for physical resources and offering significant savings.

Disco as an AI-powered training platform

In addition, advanced features like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) create immersive learning experiences that traditional platforms cannot match. In short, AI-powered training platforms provide a more personalized, efficient, engaging, and scalable solution for employee development, making them superior to traditional online employee training platforms.

Benefits of Using AI-Powered Training Platforms

The benefits of using training platforms for employee development are numerous:

  • They enhance learning experiences by providing personalized and interactive training materials, leading to higher engagement and better retention rates. These platforms also offer significant cost savings by reducing the need for in-person training and automating routine tasks.
  • They provide flexibility and accessibility, allowing employees to access learning materials anytime and anywhere, which aligns with their schedules and personal preferences. Overall, online training platforms create engaging, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for modern employee development.

AI-Powered Training with Disco AI

Distinctive in its approach, Disco AI is an AI-powered training platform that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to curate personalized and compelling learning experiences. By analyzing user data and generating tailored content, Disco AI adapts to the individual needs and preferences of learners, making the learning process more efficient and impactful.

Disco AI stands out with its unique features designed to enhance community-led learning, cohort-based courses, upskilling & reskilling programs, partner enablement, corporate training, accelerator programs, and many more!

Capabilities of Disco AI:

  1. Content Generation: Disco AI excels in creating AI-generated learning content from various sources such as texts, images, logos, and other brand assets, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience.
  2. Course Design: The platform develops tailored quizzes, lesson plans, course outlines, and learner activities, adapting to individual needs and enhancing the educational journey.
  3. Video Production: Disco AI produces high-quality video assets including summaries, subtitles, transcriptions, and chapters, making content more accessible and engaging.
  4. Trainable AI Model: Educators can enhance Disco AI with their own knowledge base and learner data, allowing it to generate content that is highly personalized and learner-focused.
  5. Engagement Enhancement: The platform suggests answers to member queries and boosts engagement with AI-powered posts, fostering a more interactive and responsive learning environment.

How to Use Disco AI to Your Advantage?

Disco AI leverages artificial intelligence in several innovative ways to enhance the learning experience. Here are several use cases on how you can leverage Disco AI to manage, operate, and scale your learning organizations.

Use Case #1: Q&A Bot for Live Training

Are you hosting live training programs for your employees? Say goodbye to tedious work and say hello to efficient working with Disco AI. This innovative platform features a chatbot that answers member questions in real-time, drafts summaries of your training events and acts as an assistant throughout your live training sessions. With Disco AI, you can streamline your training process and focus on delivering impactful content.

What's more? The Disco platform offers an impressive 100 hours per month of video storage and 400 hours per month of video streaming in its basic plan. But that's not all – if you're looking for even more capacity, you can book a demo with us to discuss custom pricing.

This makes Disco AI perfect for small, medium, and large organizations that need to host live training programs for their partners and employees.

Use Case #2: Prompts AI for Training Content Creation

Prompts AI by Disco AI streamlines the course creation process, allowing educators to focus on effective teaching rather than mundane tasks. This AI tool automates routine activities such as content creation, freeing up learning designers to concentrate on more complex and creative aspects of course design.

Here's how you can create your first training program at Disco:

Disco AI can generate several content types such as:

This significantly speeds up the initial stages of course development. By leveraging AI to assist in content creation, educators can produce high-quality, engaging educational materials more efficiently.

Use Case #3: Disco AI Chat for Brainstorming, Strategizing, and More

Disco AI Chat is a powerful tool designed to enhance brainstorming, strategizing, searching, and various other activities within the Disco platform. It facilitates collaborative idea generation by suggesting topics, questions, and prompts to spark creativity and innovative thinking.

For strategizing, it provides early-stage data-driven insights and recommendations by analyzing past performance, current trends, and future projections, aiding in the development of effective strategies.

Additionally, Disco AI Chat streamlines the search process by quickly retrieving relevant information from the platform’s extensive database, ensuring precision and speed in finding specific course materials, industry reports, or user-generated content.

By leveraging Disco AI Chat for these activities, organizations can enhance their learning and development processes, making them more interactive, efficient, and impactful.

Real-World Applications of Disco AI

Disco AI showcases its versatility through various real-world applications, making it a valuable tool for organizations across different sectors. From up-skilling employees to facilitating cohort-based learning and enabling partner training, Disco AI addresses multiple training employees' needs with efficiency and precision.

By creating modern learning experiences that include lessons, assignments, quizzes, events, and discussions, Disco AI enhances the overall effectiveness of training programs.

Use Case #4: Upskilling/Reskilling Employees

Upskilling employees is essential for many organizations, and Disco AI excels in this area by providing personalized and interactive training programs. It supports these goals by offering on-demand training content, aligning with industry trends, and focusing on relevant skills development.

This approach increases productivity, improves employee retention, and is cost-effective compared to hiring new employees. For example, Disco Learning helps founders upskill in areas such as product design, web design, digital marketing, and data skills, demonstrating the platform’s capability to support diverse professional development needs.

💡 We've reviewed the best upskilling platforms and compiled a list of our top picks for you!

Example Upskilling Program: Eskwelabs

Eskwelabs is a forward-thinking upskilling program that leverages Disco and Disco AI to enhance data skills among its learners. By utilizing Disco AI’s advanced capabilities, Eskwelabs offers personalized and interactive training experiences that cater to individual learning needs.

The platform’s AI-driven content generation, tailored quizzes, and adaptive learning paths ensure that learners gain relevant and industry-aligned data skills. This approach not only boosts engagement and retention but also prepares participants for the dynamic demands of the data-driven job market, making Eskwelabs a standout example of effective upskilling using Disco and Disco AI.

Use Case #5: Cohort-Based Learning Programs

Cohort-based learning is another significant application of Disco AI along with social learning, promoting collaborative and structured training programs among groups of employees. This approach enhances engagement and fosters a sense of community, as learners can interact, share insights, and support each other’s progress.

By integrating social elements such as DMs, channels, feeds, threads, live events, peer review, and other social learning activities, Disco AI ensures that cohort-based learning remains dynamic and interactive, ultimately leading to better learning outcomes.

Example Cohort-Based Learning Program: Irrational Labs

Irrational Labs, a behavioral design company, effectively utilized the Disco platform to implement a cohort-based learning approach. By grouping participants into cohorts, the program fostered collaboration, engagement, and a sense of community.

Irrational Labs oversees three primary domains: self-paced courses on behavioral psychology, finance, and health; live cohort programs, including a recent one on Disco; and corporate training for Fortune 100 clients.

They also offer one-off learning projects and team-based courses. While transitioning their LMSs, they found Disco versatile enough to handle self-paced courses, live courses, membership events, and community building, making it an ideal choice to meet their diverse needs.

Use Case #6: Partner Enablement and Employee Training Programs

Disco AI is highly effective for partner enablement and training. It allows companies to provide:

  • Scalable and customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of different partners, including consultants and agencies.
  • Personalized learning paths to enhance the effectiveness of partner training and equip them with the skills and knowledge to effectively use products and services.
  • Consistent and high-quality training to all partners, showcasing practical applications of the product to support successful customer and partner enablement.
  • Alignment with the organization’s goals and maintenance of high standards, driving improved customer education, retention, product adoption, and business growth.

This capability is particularly valuable for learning organizations that rely on a network of partners to deliver their products or services, ensuring that everyone involved is well-trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Example Partner Enablement Program: Course Hero

Course Hero is a prime example of a learning organization leveraging Disco AI for their internal training programs. They utilize Disco AI to train their partners, collaborators, and part-time mentors, ensuring that their team is well-prepared and aligned with the company's standards and objectives. This approach not only streamlines the training process but also enhances the overall effectiveness of their educational support services.

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DISCO: The Leading AI-Powered Training Platform for Effective Employee and Partner Training Programs

Used by learning organizations for up-skilling, cohort-based learning, partner enablement, training, and accelerator programs, Disco’s AI-powered training platform makes learning together super engaging and easy to operate, especially for employee and partner training initiatives.

It has earned accolades such as Fast Company’s Most Innovative Edtech of the Year and Edtech Breakthrough’s Startup of the Year and is backed by prominent edtech investor GSV. Prestigious clients like the Toronto Board of Trade, Kaplan, Coursehero, MonitorDeloitte, XPrize, and Baptist Health rely on Disco to deliver high-quality training and development programs.

Disco’s dreamy design and modular architecture make learning on Disco hyper-engaging in a world full of antiquated LMS software. Disco is enabling next-generation social learning experiences that can deliver real results.

Built for cohorts to learn together, it has all the tools needed to make learning fun, social, and collaborative. Disco’s AI suite is a massive differentiator, allowing organizations to hyper-personalize learning journeys at scale with significant cost and time savings. Start with Disco's 14-day free trial and improve how you design and implement your training programs with an AI-powered solution.

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July 11, 2024
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