Top 30 Online Learning Platforms for Business: With an AI-Powered Solution in 2024

Imagine this - your team, no matter where they are in the world, can tap into top-notch training courses with just a few clicks. It's like they're scrolling through their favorite app, but instead of just killing time, they're gaining new skills and knowledge that boost their productivity and help your business grow. This isn't some sci-fi fantasy, it's the reality of online learning platforms for businesses.

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Imagine this - your team, no matter where they are in the world, can tap into top-notch training courses with just a few clicks.

It's like they're scrolling through their favorite app, but instead of just killing time, they're gaining new skills and knowledge that boost their productivity and help your business grow. This isn't some sci-fi fantasy, it's the reality of online learning platforms for businesses.

They've changed the game when it comes to corporate training, making it more accessible, flexible, and cost-effective. And the best part? They're not going anywhere. These platforms are a major part of the future of business.

What we'll learn together:

  • The key features to look for in online learning platforms, plus comparing the 30 most popular online learning platforms to determine the best fit for your business needs.
  • The rise of online learning platforms for business and the two types exist today. Added to this is a quick overview of the predicted future of online learning platforms for business.
  • Introducing the #1 online learning platform for business: Disco Learning! Disco is the most trusted, community-led learning LMS by top businesses such as AltMBA, XPRIZE, Course Hero, and many others. Beyond being an LMS and community platform, Disco has built its own native AI tool, Disco AI, which facilitates easier and faster content creation and learning engagement.

The Rise of Online Learning Platforms for Businesses

A diverse group of professionals engaged in online training on their laptops and tablets

With the ongoing evolution of businesses, the demand for efficient employee training also grows. Online training platforms have become a transformative force in corporate training, offering enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Ongoing training is now more accessible through these platforms.

Today, there are two types of online learning platforms available to businesses:

1. Online Course Marketplaces

The first type of platform caters to businesses that specialize in providing training services to other organizations. These companies create and sell their training content, often tailoring it to the specific needs of their clients. This type of platform is typically feature-rich, offering tools for content creation, learner management, and analytics. Examples of such platforms include Udemy and Coursera.

2. Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Online Learning Platforms

The second type of platform is training software for enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that wish to provide their learning resources internally. This is used by businesses that prefer to create and manage their training content.

These platforms are often used by enterprises and SMBs to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for their employees. They typically offer features for course creation, learner tracking, and reporting. Docebo and Moodle are examples of this type of platform.

Both types of platforms play a crucial role in the world of online learning, catering to different needs and business models. They have made it possible for businesses of all sizes and industries to provide effective, engaging, and flexible training to their employees or clients.

The advantage of utilizing an online course platform for businesses is having complete control over branding, pricing, and user data. Online learning platforms also offer cost-effective solutions for employee training.

When selecting an online learning platform, facilitators should evaluate the best options that offer fully accredited courses and certificates, a variety of communication tools to keep employees engaged, and multiple registration options for training events. With this being said, here are the 24 top-of-the-line online learning platforms for business.

Key Features to Look for the Best Online Learning Platform

When choosing an online learning platform, there are several key features to consider that will enhance the learning experience and ensure the platform meets your business needs: Here they are at a glance:

  1. AI-powered
  2. ease of use
  3. content creation tools
  4. customization
  5. mobile accessibility
  6. tracking and reporting
  7. integration capabilities
  8. scalability
  9. support and training
  10. security
  11. pricing

Comparing the Top 30 Online Learning Platforms: Handpicked by Industry Experts

In the vast expanse of the internet, finding the right online learning platform can be a daunting task. That's why we've done the heavy lifting for you. Our team of education tech industry experts has meticulously handpicked the top 24 online learning platforms, ensuring that we only present you with the best resources and top-of-the-line Learning Management Systems (LMSs) available on the web.

These platforms have been carefully selected based on a range of factors, including their features, usability, customer support, and pricing. They cater to a variety of learning needs, from individual course creators to large corporations. Read on as we delve into the specifics of each platform, helping you determine the best fit for your business needs.

#1. Introducing Disco: The #1 AI-Powered Online Learning Platform for Every Business

Introducing Disco, the #1 AI-powered online learning solution for every type of business. Disco provides an advanced operating system for corporations, institutions, and businesses, equipped with robust automation, customizable design, and seamless integration of learning, community, productivity, and communication.

Disco learning platform for business

Suitable for freelancers, institutions, academics, founders, and businesses of any size or industry, Disco provides a versatile choice among online course platforms with 24 notable features in one place.

Amidst the multitude of online learning platforms, Disco distinguishes itself as one of the best online learning platforms used by the industry giants in education such as altMBA, YSpace, Course Hero, XPRIZE, Monitor Deloitte, WeAreNoCode, HyperIsland, Dribbble, and more!

It was also awarded by Fast Company as Most Innovative in Education and named as the Edtech Breakthrough's Startup of the Year, showcasing its powerful and modern online learning platform not just in words, but from these credible sources.

Why Top Businesses Choose Disco?

AI-Powered Efficiency: Leverage the power of AI to streamline your workflow. Disco AI native tool assists in crafting lesson plans, generating images, and managing community engagement, elevating the learning experience while saving you time.

Cohort-Based Learning: Disco excels in facilitating dynamic cohort-based learning programs, ensuring transformative experiences that foster collaboration and growth. Apart from CBCs, you can also create self-paced courses, events series, and learning spaces to ensure that your learners are engaged and have the space for collaboration and brainstorming.

🎨 Create your first learning program using AI with this short tutorial:

Platform Customization: With Disco, you have the freedom to tailor your learning environment to perfection, creating a community that resonates with your brand and values.

Engaging Onboarding Experience: First impressions matter. That's why Disco offers engaging and interactive onboarding tools to welcome and orient your learners right from the start.

📺 Watch this short tutorial to learn how to customize member onboarding:

Community Engagement Tools: Keep the conversation going with advanced community features like discussion boards and group messaging. These tools are ideal for fostering a vibrant, community-led learning atmosphere.

Interactive Events: With Disco, you can easily organize and host interactive events such as workshops and webinars. These events are not just informative but are also designed to connect learners and spark meaningful discussions.

Seamless Integrations and Automation: Disco is your all-in-one platform, integrating seamlessly with your favorite tools and automating routine tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional learning experiences.

📺 Watch this 2-min tutorial on how to automate your routine tasks in Disco:

Robust Data Privacy: At Disco, your success is our top priority, and that extends to the protection of your data. We go the extra mile to safeguard your information and ensure full compliance with the latest data privacy regulations. Rest assured, your data and the data of your members are in secure hands with our state-of-the-art security measures.

Pricing: With pricing adjusted to each plan according to the number of active users, Disco becomes a preferred choice for those intending to create, manage, and sell online courses. You can start with our 14-day free trial to start creating your learning programs.

#2. Udemy: Most Recognized Online Course Marketplace

Screenshot of Udemy website

Udemy boasts a vast library of over 213,000 online video courses, catering to a wide range of topics. While Udemy offers a variety of learning materials such as PDF documents, PowerPoint, text, and video content, it retains a significant portion of the income and dictates the pricing and discounting of the courses.

With over 60 million students and 65 thousand instructors, Udemy is an undeniably popular platform; however, the control over pricing and revenue sharing for instructors may be a drawback for some.

#3. Docebo: Built for the Business of Learning

Screenshot of Docebo website

Docebo, an award-winning online learning platform, offers an attractive and intuitive user interface, advanced feature set, gamification, and third-party integrations.

With learners earning badges and featuring on company leaderboards, Docebo adds an element of fun and competition to the learning experience. However, pricing for Docebo is determined by the number of active users, which may not suit every business’s budget.

Overall, Docebo’s advanced features make it a strong contender in the online learning platform market.

#4. iSpring Solution: Cloud LMS for Corporate Training

Screenshot of iSpring Learn LMS website

iSpring Solution is a cost-effective online learning platform designed for businesses. It offers various features such as a content management system, user management, training management system, gamification, SSL security, synchronous learning, offline access, and webinar integration services.

With competitive pricing plans starting at $2.29 per user/month, iSpring Learn is a great option for businesses looking for an affordable and comprehensive online learning solution. Although budget-friendly, users have reported positive experiences with iSpring Learn’s comprehensive course authoring tool and intuitive interface.

#5. SAP Litmos: A Corporate Training Solution

Screenshot of Litmos website

SAP Litmos is a widely used online training platform employed by many major corporations globally. Although pricing is based on the number of active users and requires a quote-based plan, SAP Litmos offers the ability to create tailored learning pathways to suit each organization and its personnel’s requirements and preferences.

A versatile and popular platform, SAP Litmos provides a range of eLearning solutions for businesses.

#6. 360Learning: Your First Comprehensive Learning Platform

Screenshot of 360Learning website

360Learning focuses on collaborative learning and offers personalized skills and learning paths, AI-powered recommendations, video pitches, screencast demo questions, private forums for learners and instructors, and mobile accessibility.

While the platform enables learners to partake in discussions, share knowledge, and collaborate with their peers, individual course creators may encounter restrictions such as limited course views, learner submission limitations, and automatic archiving of migrated programs.

#7. Adobe Captivate Prime: Next-Gen Learning Management System

Screenshot of Adobe Captivate Prime website

Adobe Captivate Prime offers advanced content and user management capabilities. It fosters social learning and user-generated content, providing learners with opportunities to learn from their peers. The platform also includes comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to track learner progress and course effectiveness.

While Adobe Captivate Prime is packed with features, it may present a steeper learning curve for users new to online learning platforms. However, its rich feature set and user-centric design make it a standout choice among online learning platforms.

#8. Coursera: The #1 Online Course Marketplace

Screenshot of Coursera website

Coursera is an online learning platform offering courses from leading universities, encompassing a wide range of subjects. With pricing options for free courses, subscriptions, and one-time payments, Coursera provides a diverse selection of university-level education.

However, the platform may not cater to individual course creators seeking extensive options for custom course creation.

#9. LinkedIn Learning: Online Learning Platform for Businesses

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning website

LinkedIn Learning is an educational platform that offers professional video lesson courses in various fields. These include business, digital marketing, web development, and design. While the platform provides valuable professional development resources, it may have limitations in terms of course offerings and accreditation compared to other online learning platforms.

#10. Skillshare: Online Classes for Creatives

Screenshot of Skillshare website

Skillshare is a unique learning management system that allows individual users to market courses they have designed for specific training purposes. With over 13 million users and up to 35,000 lessons in various creative disciplines, Skillshare offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience. However, the platform has unvetted educators, and may be difficult to interpret search results when looking for specific courses.

#11. Blackboard: Educational Technology Solutions

Screenshot of Blackboard website

Blackboard, now part of Anthology, is a learning management system (LMS) solution that offers an intuitive interface, communication tools, performance tracking, cloud storage integration, and course availability status.

While suitable for both educational and professional development purposes, Blackboard may not provide effective support for advanced social learning features such as chat and discussions, or AI-powered course creation suggestions.

#12. Kajabi: Create and Sell Online Courses

Screenshot of Kajabi website

Kajabi is a content marketing system that provides individuals and SMBs with a single, centralized platform to sell, market, and deliver product content, including courses, memberships, podcasts, community building, coaching, and support.

Although Kajabi offers essential features that enable users to successfully create and sell their digital products, it may not be as focused on learning management as other platforms.

#13. Moodle: Online Learning with the World's Popular LMS

Screenshot of Moodle website

Moodle, a free and open-source learning management platform, offers a range of drag-and-drop tools and useful resources to facilitate user experience.

With the platform available in over 95 languages and utilized in learning environments across the globe, Moodle is an accessible option for businesses seeking an online learning platform. Although free, Moodle may require more maintenance and customization than other platforms.

#14. Thinkific: Leading Online Course Market Platform

Screenshot of Thinkific website

Thinkific is a comprehensive course platform that allows instructors to create and customize their online school with ease. With competitive pricing plans and an easy-to-use interface, Thinkific is a popular choice for many businesses and industries.

However, Thinkific may have limited advanced features compared to other online learning platforms.

#15. EdX: Outcome-based Online Learning Programs

Screenshot of EdX website

EdX is a global nonprofit and online learning platform founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offering a range of educational opportunities, including free online courses from top schools and institutions, with optional paid certificates.

While EdX provides access to university-level education, it may not cater to individual course creators seeking a platform for personalized course creation.

#16. Trakstar Learn by MindFlash: LMS for Modern Workforce

Screenshot of Trakstar Learn website

Trakstar Learn by MindFlash is an online learning platform that offers simple course creation, authoring tools, and analytics. Although its users appreciate these features, MindFlash lacks gamification elements, which may negatively impact learner engagement and motivation.

Furthermore, its pricing may be less affordable compared to other platforms.

#17. Podia: Your Website, Marketing Tools, and Products in One Platform

Screenshot of Podia website

Podia is an all-in-one online platform that allows creators to sell courses, memberships, and digital products, all in one place. It offers a user-friendly, code-free environment for course creation, allowing creators to focus on their content without the technical hassle.

Podia also provides the tools to create highly effective sales pages for online courses or products, helping creators attract and engage their audience. It stands out for its commitment to helping creators build their brand, with features that allow full customization of the storefront to match the creator's unique style.

Moreover, Podia offers unlimited hosting for all course content, and it supports a wide range of content types including videos, text, images, and downloadable files. Its pricing plans are straightforward and affordable, with no additional transaction fees.

#18. Teachable: Sell Courses, Coaching, and Digital Downloads

Screenshot of Teachable website

Teachable allows instructors to create courses and customize their online school with an easy-to-use interface. However, compared to other platforms, Teachable may have limited advanced features, such as SCORM support and a robust course builder.

Nevertheless, Teachable remains a popular choice for many businesses and individual course creators.

#19. Udacity: Learn The Latest Tech Skills to Advance Career

Screenshot of Udacity website

Udacity is an online learning platform that offers both theoretical and practical training. Learners who join the platform gain the essential skills and knowledge to become successful in the technology industry. Their training programs, referred to as ‘nano degrees,’ focus on technology careers and offer a unique learning experience.

However, Udacity may not cater to a broader range of subjects compared to other online learning platforms.

#20. Absorb LMS: LMS for Everywhere Learning

Screenshot of Absorb website

Absorb LMS is a robust online learning platform that combines an aesthetically pleasing course platform with advanced course management and enterprise readiness. It offers customization options and has built-in e-commerce capabilities, advanced data encryption, extensive access control, audit logs, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication for security.

The platform also features a configurable and scalable product suite, dynamic dashboards for detailed analysis, and an intuitive interface. However, due to its extensive features and scalability, it may be more suitable for midsize to large businesses.

#21. Learn Upon: A Cloud-based Online Learning Platform

Screenshot of Learn Upon website

LearnUpon is a leading cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) designed to streamline the delivery, management, and tracking of training programs across organizations. Built to cater to a variety of training needs, including educational, corporate, customer, and partner training, LearnUpon offers a versatile, scalable, and intuitive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Despite its comprehensive features, some users have noted areas for improvement in the platform’s user interface. Nevertheless, with its commitment to empowering businesses to learn, engage, and improve, LearnUpon stands as a strong contender in the online learning platform sphere.

#22. Skillable: For Hands-on Learning Programs

Screenshot of Skillable website

Skillable is an online learning platform that offers personalized learning paths, an engaging learning experience, courses led by experts, collaborative learning opportunities, and skill assessments with progress tracking. The platform is particularly effective for hands-on lab training, providing a virtual lab environment that enables learners to gain practical experience and hone their skills through hands-on exercises, simulations, and interactive activities.

However, Skillable may not be as versatile as other platforms in terms of course offerings and content types.

#23. LearnWorlds: Interactive Online Course Creation & Engagement Platform

Screenshot of LearnWorlds website

LearnWorlds is a robust, interactive online course creation and engagement platform that offers a suite of advanced features to enhance the learning experience. It provides an intuitive course builder for creating engaging, interactive, and social learning experiences.

Furthermore, it includes powerful sales and marketing tools, enabling course creators to build a brand, market their courses, and grow their online school. LearnWorlds also stands out for its white-labeling capabilities, allowing businesses to fully customize their online school with their branding.

#24. Mighty Networks: Your Community Powered by People and Purpose

Screenshot of Mighty Networks website

Mighty Networks is an exceptional online platform that empowers businesses and creators to build their communities, courses, and memberships all in one place.

The platform is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to access their communities anytime, anywhere. Its robust analytics tools provide insights into community engagement and growth, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and strategies. Overall, Mighty Networks is a versatile choice for businesses looking to build and nurture their online communities while offering valuable content and experiences.

#25. FutureLearn: Online Learning Platform for Professional Development

Screenshot of FutureLearn website

FutureLearn is a digital education platform that offers a broad range of courses from leading universities and organizations worldwide. Recognized for its high-quality courses, FutureLearn provides an interactive and social learning experience, with features such as peer reviews, discussions, and quizzes to enhance engagement and comprehension.

However, while FutureLearn offers a plethora of free courses, obtaining a certificate of completion or accessing premium features requires a paid upgrade.

#26. LMS 365: Built into Microsoft 365 & Teams

Screenshot of LMS 365 website

LMS 365 is a comprehensive online learning platform that stands out for its seamless integration with Microsoft 365, providing a familiar and intuitive environment for users. This allows businesses to leverage their existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure for training purposes, enhancing efficiency and reducing the learning curve for users. LMS 365 also supports blended learning, providing flexibility for businesses to combine online and traditional face-to-face learning.

However, one potential drawback of LMS 365 could be its dependency on the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, which might limit its utility for businesses that do not primarily use Microsoft 365 for their operations.

#27. TalentLMS: Streamlined Learning Management System

Screenshot of TalentLMS website

TalentLMS is a user-friendly learning management system designed to deliver effective training. With a wide range of features including course authoring, blended learning, gamification, and built-in video conferencing, it offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

The platform's robust reporting capabilities allow for easy tracking of learner progress, enhancing the ability to make informed decisions about training programs. However, one potential disadvantage of TalentLMS is that its customization options might be limited compared to other platforms.

#28. Seismic Learning (Previously Lessonly): Power-packed Online Learning Platform

Screenshot of Seismic website

Seismic, previously known as Lessonly, is a power-packed online learning platform designed to streamline team learning and practice. It provides an interactive, easy-to-use interface that allows businesses to create, share, and track online lessons and courses.

Seismic is renowned for its flexibility, enabling teams to learn at their own pace and in their way, which boosts engagement and knowledge retention. With a focus on team learning, Seismic promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the workplace.

#29. Sana Labs: AI-Powered Personalized Learning

Screenshot of Sana Labs website

Sana Labs is an innovative online learning platform that leverages artificial intelligence to personalize the learning experience. The platform offers adaptive learning paths, real-time recommendations, and personalized feedback, making learning more engaging and effective.

It also provides detailed analytics and insights, allowing businesses to track progress and performance. Sana Labs' AI-powered system continually learns from each interaction, adapting the content to meet individual learning needs and styles.

Despite its advanced features, one potential drawback of Sana Labs could be its lack of a built-in course authoring tool, requiring content to be created externally before being imported into the platform.

#30. NovoEd: Online Learning Platform for Comprehensive Training

Screenshot of NovoEd website

NovoEd is a collaborative online learning platform designed for the modern workforce. It offers a range of features including a user-friendly interface, social learning capabilities, and robust analytics tools.

NovoEd stands out for its focus on experiential and collaborative learning, providing a rich, interactive environment that fosters engagement and knowledge retention.

However, one potential disadvantage of NovoEd is that its pricing structure may not be affordable for small businesses or individual course creators.

Supercharge Your Learning Community

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The Learning Community Playbook by Disco

The Future of Online Learning Platforms for Business is DISCO! 🪩

The future of online learning platforms for business with advanced AI and personalization

The future of online learning platforms for businesses is expected to see more advancements in AI, personalization, and integration with other tools, as well as advanced social learning capabilities in community-powered learning. As AI continues to develop, we can expect more adaptive learning, intelligent tutoring, automated grading, chatbots, and predictive analytics to enhance the learning experience.

As we look towards the future, personalization is set to take center stage, with platforms providing learning experiences that are increasingly customized to meet the unique needs of each learner. In the rapidly changing world of online learning, businesses need to stay updated and flexible to fully harness the power of these platforms.

Among these, Disco emerges as the #1 choice and best pick among the 30 online learning platforms, thanks to its robust features and comprehensive platform that stands unrivaled in the industry. Don't forget to book a live demo or take advantage of its 14-day free trial to start building your learning programs with an AI-powered online learning solution.

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