Deliver relevant, curated, and personalized programming

Leverage the insights you gain to create engaging and transformative programming.

Regardless of whether you deliver synchronous or asynchronous learning experiences, every piece of content, connection, or event in your community should be curated based on the insights you've gathered about your members.

Your programming is the engine that powers transformation and delivers lasting value—it's the heartbeat of your learning community — a compelling force that not only attracts members but also gives them a reason to stay and grow with the community.

A visual of the 'Learning Experience Journey’ as a non-linear journey with different elements and milestones overlayed with images of different types of programming - video icons for synchronous learning, text/document icons for content, people icon for experiences and events.
The 4 Cornerstones of


Design a personalized learning journey.

Content Creation

Develop learning materials that are personalized, accessible, and aligned with members' goals. Incorporate different formats of learning such as peer-based learning and project-based learning to promote active engagement and enhance understanding.

Collaborative Experiences

Plan interactive experiences like workshops, meetups, and discussions. Introduce regular rituals to deepen community bonds, encourage regular engagement, and create a sense of belonging. These might include monthly discussion circles, weekly challenges, or even daily prompts and check-ins.

Choice in Learning Formats

Provide both synchronous (real-time, interactive) and asynchronous (pre-recorded, self-paced) learning opportunities. Integrate regular rituals, such as weekly prompts or monthly reviews, even in asynchronous learning modes, to create a sense of continuity and shared experience.

Competence Building

Focus on nurturing and enhancing members' abilities and skills. Use peer-based assessments and project-based tasks to provide practical, real-world opportunities for members to demonstrate their what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown. Implement feedback and assessment opportunities to track skill development, and offer resources to encourage continued practice and improvement.

The 4 Cs

Programming and Content Formats

Design a personalized learning journey.

Content & Resources

Rich, valuable assets designed to attract your prospects and members.

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  • Educational Newsletters
  • Bite-sized Content
  • In-depth Playbooks
  • Informative Articles
  • Guided Walkthroughs
  • Handy Checklists


Public Events

High-visibility, wide-reach events to attract your ideal members and grow your audience/community.

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  • Interactive Webinars
  • Insightful Interviews
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Engaging Summits

Community Events

Close-knit, curated events focused on fostering deeper connections among current community members.

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  • Open Office Hours
  • Engaging AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions)
  • Specialized Workshops



Strategic, meaningful member connections that fuel growth and shared learning.

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  • Personalized Introductions
  • Guided Mentorship
  • Curated Conversations
  • Affinity Groups

Learning Experiences

Flexible, impactful learning journeys that cater to different styles and schedules.

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  • Self-paced courses for anytime learning
  • Cohort-based courses for synchronized growth
  • Mastermind groups for peer-to-peer insights
  • Async prompts for thoughtful engagement
  • Assessments/surveys to gauge progress and gather feedback
“There's this delicate balance of structure and flexibility. Everyone will always say they want the utmost flexibility. But we know if you don't provide members structure and deadlines, no learning happens. We know it needs to be personalized and social, we know it needs to be at scale, but also engaging.”
Suzanna Howard, Managing Director, IdeoU

Suzanne Howard

Managing Director, IDEO U

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